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Making his first Mixtape on his sister’s double sided cassette player, rapper RADANA was determined to get his music noticed and after his Mixtape was circulated it did get noticed by an artist called Tricky. After recording some songs for Tricky’s label ‘Brown Punk Recordings’, RADANA was then offered a place on his ‘13th’ tour in 2003, describing this moment as "One of the best feelings" RADANA got to perform in various countries including Germany, France Spain, Belgium and the world famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

After calling it a day with Tricky, he then decided to build a simple little studio in his flat so he could continue to work on his music. Admitting he’s ‘no producer’ he still managed to release his first Mixtape ‘Da Grind in Da Grind out’ in 2004 and although it was considered too hard for the commercial market it still received 3 and a half mic’s in the Don Diva magazine. He quickly followed this up with his 2nd mixtape ‘Da fire in da smoke’ then ‘5ive years early’ it was after this mixtape that Tricky made contact again to work on his unfinished album. 

Deciding to pass on working with Tricky again RADANA then began recording a 4th double CD Mixtape with his new camp ‘Crow Squadronz’ simply called ‘E3’. Not content with one mixtape he simultaneously worked on his 5th one, the unreleased ‘The black project’
RADANA then went on to team up with singer/producer Lielic to make the track ‘Hey mama come ride with me’ which ended up being his first track to be listed on TV. 

Another solo mixtape was to follow; ‘Super League, the search for the goblin’ during this time RADANA felt he now had enough experience to build another studio and record and this
was where Real Money Raps was born.

His new EP 'Real Money Raps Presents The White & Black Edition' is available now on free download and an album is expected this summer.
“This is the year I want to break through the scene, I'm coming!”

With his talent and work ethic, breaking though is gonna be no problem for this young man. The industry needs to watch out for RADANA.